Kelly provides in office consultations. She provides full readings with psychometry and she is an empath. She will feel personal and physical feelings of you and others who have crossed over, along with medical conditions she may pick up on. She can channel loved ones from beyond and help you to connect to them as well. In a session, you may ask as many questions as you like and those questions will be answered specifically, not generally. She is very empathetic to your issues and will go out of her way to help you resolve anything that distresses you. Kelly is also a Reiki Master and has labeled her own healing modality which is a quantum extraction healing method.

She teaches psychic development classes and coaches people in psychic development through mentor-ship programs. She has created a wonderful environment in the classroom for their clients. By keeping the energy level up, it becomes an enlightening experience for all involved. She is there to answer your questions. This work isn't text book. She gives you hands-on tasks to complete in order to heighten your awareness and and develop the abilities you possess. 

You can make a personal appointment with Kelly by Calling or Texting: 614-436-6555